October 6 2017

Getting Ready to Write!

The Writer’s Notebook

First, students will choose their own notebooks to use during writing workshop. My only requirement is that the book be a reasonable size to hold their writing for the school year. They may bring in a book that has a cover they really, really like or one they want to personalize during our first session together.


Writing Tools

Next, students will decide if they want to use a pencil, pen, or a marker for their writing.  I know that when I am writing that I like to have a pen in my hand that has a nice feel and moves smoothly across the page. I don’t mean an expensive pen, but I have found that certain pens can distract me from my writing. I’ll have a selection of writing tools available for the students.


Writing at Home

One place that I like to write is in my home office, but sometimes I like to be in a different place. On those days I will head for my local coffee shop or bookstore to people watch and write. I think encouraging my students to decide on one or two writing spots at their home will help them to be more engaged in writing.


A Writing Spot at School

Finally, students will be given the option to choose where they want to work in the classroom. They can make a different choice each session providing they are able to concentrate on their writing.


Writing Together,





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