July 30 2018

All About Me Posters Told in Pictures

One of the things you may have done to get ready in July is gather a collection of magazines for students to use to decorate the cover of their writer’s notebooks. Another activity that you could do with the magazines in the first week of school is have students create All About Me posters.  I am sure that some students will have done a similar activity but the focus was probably on writing about who they are. The difference with this activity is that students will use pictures.

Students will look through different magazines and find their pictures and arrange them in a creative way on construction paper. If you intend to display the students’ posters, then instruct them that once they have found their pictures they should cut them out neatly and glue all the edges down of each picture. Also, a dark color works best for the background construction paper. These three things will ensure that the overall look of the posters is pleasing to the eye. Once students have completed their posters, everyone can sit in a circle on the carpet area and take turns to tell each other about who they are. Don’t forget to include yourself in the sharing! The posters can be put up immediately as a classroom display created by students.

These posters can also serve another purpose. They can be inspiration posters for the students’ writing. Students will often say that they do not know what to write about. If the posters are displayed, students can look at them during writing time and be reminded of personal experiences, things they like to do, places they have been, special relationships, etc. They could discover the beginning of a writing idea.

Teaching Tip

I have found that when I make my All About Me poster before the lesson and use it as an example, students are more motivated and inspired!

Happy poster making!


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