August 13 2018

Final Check!

Do you have all the materials you need to get your students started

on their writing journey?


You will need:

Writer’s notebook


Here is my writer’s notebook. This is the same notebook that I used last school year. Initially, I wanted to buy a new notebook but nothing appealed to me as much as this one. I like the cover, the size of the notebook, and it still has a lot of unused pages. The pens I like to use are very inexpensive ones that I buy at the Dollar Tree. They have a nice thin point and move very smoothly across a page.

Why do I have a writer’s notebook?

I have a writer’s notebook because I want my students to see that I am willing to write alongside them, and show them how I work as a writer. In addition to this, as I do the same work, share writing strategies and specific writing skills,  I have more of an understanding of some of the writing difficulties that they experience, and how to address their individual needs.

You may feel uncomfortable with the idea of writing in front of your students, but do not let this put you off. I have felt the same way (and sometimes still do), but the more I write with my students the easier it gets. Remember, you are showing your students that you are growing as a writer the same way they are. Seeing you write will encourage them to try things in their writing!



Each student will need:

Writer’s notebook


2 pocket writing folder



We are good to go!



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