October 9 2018

We Made It!

Hooray! The 10 day writing challenge ended last Tuesday. It was intended to give you a feel for how morning pages could work in your classroom.  Now, what can your students do with all those entries? One idea is to have them look through all of their entries and put a star next to any writing they think they could possible stretch out into an interesting piece of writing. In future lessons, they could choose one as an independent project, and work through the writing process to complete it.

When I looked through my work, I noticed that I had written about the weather changing. I could develop this into a poem. I wrote an entry about leaving money in a cash dispenser, this could be the start of a short fiction story. I also wrote a thought about the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I realized that this entry is not something that I would want to develop, but it has given me something to consider. Is the NaNoWriMo something that I want to be involved in this year? It is a creative writing project that happens every November. The idea is to try to write a novel with 50,000 words or more. Now, that is a fun challenge! If you have not heard of this project take a look at their website: https://nanowrimo.org/. I am not sure about writing a novel, but I like the challenge of writing for such a specific length of time. Hmmm . . . food for thought! Are you up for this challenge?

                                                     Happy Writing!


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