Recommended Read Aloud Picture Book for MLK Day

My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Martin Luther King lll

This picture book narrative is told from the perspective of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s eldest son, Martin Luther King lll. He says, “There have been a lot of books written about my father. But not a whole lot has been written about my dad.” He reflects on the father side of his well-known father. He shares their father and son relationship, and how he felt about his father’s work. Martin Luther King, Jr. died when he was 10 years old.

I think this a great read aloud to share with students in grades 3-5 as it is an opportunity for them to learn about Martin Luther King, Jr from a child’s perspective, his son, Martin Luther King lll. Most likely, students will already have some knowledge about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the work that he did. Usually, they will have heard the information from an adult’s point of view.

Class Discussion

After reading the text, ask students to share any new information that they learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. For example, the kind of games he played with his son, he was not a tall man, and he had the boys burn the toy guns they had received as Christmas presents.

Martin Luther King lll and his sister, “complained” to their parents that they didn’t want to go to the new school.

Can you think of a time when you had to go to a new school? How did you feel? Why?

If you were Martin Luther King lll and his sister having to go to their new school, how would you feel? Why?

I prefer to have a hard copy of the book to share with my students. That way I can use post-its to pinpoint discussion points. If you are unable to get a copy here is a link to the book being read online.

Happy MLK Day,